What to Wear in Self-Isolation

Aug 17, 2020

Let’s not sugar coat it: these are scary times. So we understand that you’re probably trying to preoccupy yourself by learning how to knit or perfecting your sleep in or trying to beat the quarantine 15. As a result, looking your best during lockdown might have fallen down your list of priorities. 

Whether you’re working from home or watching a ton of crappy daytime TV, you’re likely doing so in your comfiest clothes. And hey, we’re not judging you. If anything, you deserve to be comfortable right now. But who said you can’t be stylish too?

So if you feel like you’re finally ready to peel off those week old PJs and throw on something you’d happily answer the door in, then this post is for you. Read on for a roundup of some of the best loungewear items to get you through self-isolation.

Give Your Mind a Makeover

Who cares what you look like when the only one seeing you at the moment is your cat? Wrong. Making an effort while living in lockdown is more than just about turning looks. Clothes can have a direct impact on our mental wellbeing so it’s important to take pride in your appearance – even if it’s just for you and your feline friend to see.

In fact, psychologists have been researching the direct correlation between our outfits and behaviour for some time now. Enclothed cognition is one such theory that suggests the way we dress can affect our mood. For instance, if we wear something we perceive to be uplifting, it can in fact lift our spirits – and God knows they need a little lift right about now.

So the best way to stay mentally healthy through COVID-19 is to keep up a routine rather than slothing around the house all day eating cereal straight from the box. And that means waking up each morning and getting fully dressed to take on the day.

So, What is Quarantine Chic?

After weeks of living that self-iso life, you may have forgotten what getting properly dressed feels like. Staying home is the new black and you need clothes to reflect this. I mean, you’d just look silly walking around the house in a frilly blouse and pencil skirt – and not to mention uncomfortable.

Luckily, there’s a sartorial middleground: quarantine chic. According to a recent article in Independent, “it’s about striking that delicate balance between versatile, crease-free fabrics and ensembles that replace your usual day-to-night look with a desk-to-couch-to-jog-around-the-park-for-five-minutes-before-giving-up look”. You know, something you could easily wear to answer a FaceTime call with your boss or to dodge someone in the shops so you can maintain your 1.5 metres of social distance. 

Self-Isolation, But Make it Fashion

And there are so many different ways to pull off quarantine chic:

1. Stick to a Funky and Versatile Knit

A knit sporting a bold colour or striking pattern is guaranteed to provide a bit of cheer to your at-home wardrobe while in self-isolation. It works the same way as a jacket would – super stylish, even with a pair of jeans or over your gym gear (because who said you can’t wear your yoga pants all day and keep it cute?). 

So for all the lounge lovers out there ready to elevate their looks, team a chunky cable knit sweater with some comfy leggings at home or tuck it into a cute denim skirt if you’re about to venture out into the world again (just make sure to sanitise those hands first).

2. Elevate the Humble Tracksuit

While a jumper and joggers might be considered the holy grail of all working from home outfits, your favourite pair of old sweatpants isn’t going to cut it we’re afraid. In the words of fashion powerhouse Karl Largerfeld: “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, so you brought some sweatpants.”

And we have to agree with Mr Largerfeld on this one. Well, kind of. Yes, you are better than those sweats you’ve had for years that are bursting at the seams with pilling and shame. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put a high-end twist on the everyday staple.

Enter loungewear. While still promising a pyjama-equivalent level of cosiness, a stylish tracksuit will help you feel the differentiation between day and night, which is so important especially when you’ve been cooped up in the house for what feels like forever.

Whether it matches or not, a chic pair of track pants and top will make you look and feel put together, bringing you straight out of that quarantine funk. Our personal faves include a drop crotch pant and graphic jumper for a bit of edge.

3. Dress it Up or Dress it Down

We’re not entirely in winter mode yet and are still experiencing the odd hot day here and there. So the perfect thing to throw on is a simple dress. Whatever the style – t-shirt, babydoll, tank, etc. – it’s the closest thing you’re going to get to your nightie.

Super comfy, just pull it over your head and get on with your day. Perfectly paired with some fluffy slides while moseying around the house or some chunky trainers while running errands, we’ll always say yes to the dress.

4. Keep it Cute with a Co-Ord

A bit too stuffy inside for a tracksuit? We’ve got the perfect thing for that – say hello to the co-ord! A soft cotton two piece set is the ideal solution for those days when you need something not too hot and not too cold. 

A top and shorts co-ordinated outfit can be worn around the house with a pair of fuzzy socks or even barefoot. Then, slip into a pair of slides if you need to nip down to the shops. And feel a slight breeze? Chuck on one of those comfy knits or jumpers we were talking about before!

Some Food For Thought (And no, it’s not more banana bread…)

So while we know things are tough and every dollar counts as we try to stretch our budgets during this time of uncertainty, do yourself a favour and don’t forget to invest in you. Treat yourself to that cute sweater you’ve been eyeing off or that pair of comfy pants you have the perfect jumper to team with.

While the stress of physical illness is daunting, don’t neglect your mental health. More time at home means more time with our thoughts and it’s completely understandable to have days where you feel down. Self-isolation can get really stuffy and we all start to feel suffocated when we can’t leave our houses with no end in sight.

But putting on an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself is something small you can do to boost your mood and bring a sense of normalcy back into your life. So please, stay safe and sane – and for the love of God buy the sweater!

Once you’re over the novelty of wearing your pyjamas all day, pop into the store (practicing proper social distancing, of course) where our friendly staff will be more than happy to lend you a helping hand.

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What to Wear in Self-Isolation


Let’s not sugar coat it: these are scary times. So we understand that you’re probably trying to preoccupy yourself by learning how to knit or perfecting your sleep in or trying to beat the quarantine 15. As a result, looking your best during lockdown might have fallen down your list of priorities.

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